Hello & welcome to Surf Photo NZ

Surf Photo NZ is about surfing photos of New Zealand (surprise!) and sharing my photographs that try to capture a small part of the awesome experience it is to enjoy the sea. As you will quickly notice I don’t restrict this to any particular type of craft > shortboard, longboard, windsurf board, Stand up Paddleboard, kneeboard, plank, it’s all fair game …yep I’ll even shoot a speedbump (bodyboarder) if they’re out there having fun! Empty waves, lineups, lifestyle and coastal landscapes might even make there way on here sometimes.

respect the ocean,
respect the coast,
respect others in the water
& love every moment of doing it!


Question Time with Surf Photo NZ!

Where are you?

I’m here, uploading photos to surfphotonz.com of course! I’m also based in Taranaki, so the majority of photo’s will be from this wave encrusted region.

Do you find it hard to watch people getting awesome waves while you stand on the beach getting cold / sunburn / wet / bitten by mozzis & sandflies / kina in your feet etc?

Yes. As a keen rider of various watercraft finding the right balance between shooting and riding can be tricky. As such some sessions I’ll miss getting out on completely and others go undocumented as I flap around on the wave pulling headdips and pretending I’m getting shacked off me nut.

Why don’t all the pictures say exactly where they are?

The ocean is in constant motion and the particular wave you see in the photo will no longer be there ;) Also it helps cut down on over population in the lineup and if you were there you’ll recognise it – so yes you might have to hunt through to find a shot of yourself pulling off that full rail carve reminiscent of Morning of the Earth single fin grandeur.

There’s a photo of me doing a really lame move, my wetsuit isn’t showing off my best assets and I’m doing all sort of weird things with my arms.

The joy of seeing yourself in action, isn’t it great! If there’s a shot of you that is really objectionable I more than likely won’t put it on here (keepin it safe for the grommets people!) but send me a contact if you find an image that is really ruining your social life and we might be able to remove it. Alternatively of course this may mean the photo gets even more attention and highlighted on the homepage, facebook , twitter etc.

I want to buy a whole heap of shots from a session, can we do a dealz?

Send me a contact message and we can see if we can sort something out.

I want a private session.

We’re talking about taking photo’s of surfing right?! Then send me a contact.