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Surfing the Wand 25/6/2011

  Stormy conditions bought in some decent waves for some urban surfing action right off the main New Plymouth foreshore. There was even some cover ups to be had out there!

Sunset surf at the point 1/6/2011

  Quick session of surf photo’s as the sun was going down. A great range of sunset colours as always here on the West coast of New Zealand. The rock claimed another surfer sacrifice this evening too…

ASP surfing tour New Zealand 30/4/11

The ASP women’s surfing world tour (aka TSB Bank Women’s Surf Festival) came to town here in New Plymouth, Taranaki. We didn’t get all time waves, but the pro girls still put on a great show, belting out some good lip smacks, cutbacks… Continue Reading →

Night Wave 26/4/2011

Howling offshore winds in the night. Made a quick stop while driving past the beach to get a couple photos. Though the conditions were pretty wild and wouldn’t have been surfable, the shots make me think about all those perfect… Continue Reading →

Nice lumps & the odd bazza 2/4/2011

  Some good ones out there, fairly busy with the odd drop in going on. But pretty fun out there with everyone frothing and plenty waves rolling in. Even managed to get out myself for the first time since getting… Continue Reading →

Light winder wavesail 1/4/2011

  Couple guys managed to squeeze in a few afternoon waves in the dying breeze. Looked fun for the windsurfers but few to many sections for the paddle powered surfers.

Blast Off Taranaki 30/3/2011

Great waves & wind for windsurfing all day today, right through to sunset. Fair few photos taken so not all fully edited. How’s the air/distance that board gets in the sequence…lucky nobody was down wind!

Surfing big waves 10/2/2011

Good sized swell running after a forecast surf report of 1ft…lol. Not many surf breaks working with the swell direction but the odd one came in and walled up nicely for a few carve turns.

Pink Rock Special 20/1/2011

Bit late for this one and caught the last of a few waves on a super low tide. The walk over the pink rocks with seaweed, kina, and surging whitewash is always fun to watch…joys of windsurfing west coast New… Continue Reading →

surfing into the sunset 15/12/2010

Not a massive amount of waves available to be ridden for the two surfers out there, but the sunset was a pretty spectacular to watch!

Who said that? Surfing in the fog 14/12/2010

Woh there’s been fog for days! Pretty unusual for these parts really. If you managed to brave paddling out into the blankess there was actually some waves to surf out there, but not the best for taking surfing photos of… Continue Reading →

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